TmaxSoft Partners with Prestige Systems to target Oracle users

TmaxSoft has partnered with Prestige Systems, a specialist HP Value Added Reseller based in Bromsgrove.

The new partnership has been achieved through its strategic partner program designed to broaden its UK footprint to offer a viable alternative to other rational database vendors.

One of the biggest drains on IT spend is the maintenance and support of existing applications. Those using Oracle databases have little option but to keep handing money over, and hope and pray their existing hardware infrastructure can handle the application, while at the same time hoping that they do not end up in an under licensed situation, which is very often caused by the complexity of the Oracle licensing model in the first place.

TIBERO is a database management system designed to support large-scale enterprise systems, facilitate efficient and flexible integration of data and business logic, while providing various database management utilities.

The software is therefore appealing due to it’s “Oracle-compatible” database that gives users the freedom of choice to retain their investment with the same expected levels of performance, familiar interface; but under much more agreeable costs, flexible licensing terms and without the amount of risk associated with changing to another vendor or even open source.


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