TmaxSoft has introduced its advanced application performance management (APM) solution, SysMaster for UK systems administration and network managers.

The SysMaster solution manages a wide range of enterprise system components, supporting efficient resource management by enabling identification of IT infrastructure status and error causes and supporting statistics analysis for applications such as WASs, TP-Monitors, databases, and frameworks.

It also reduces costs and guarantees IT resource performance by preregistering error processing activities and providing a fast error handling function, an ideal solution for IT and network managers looking to improve systems performance.

SysMaster is an extremely reliable and cost-effective APM solution that has gained significant success in South Korea, and we are looking forward to sharing its developments with our customers in the UK. This product has the ability to effectively support an enterprise and prevent those application issues causing a detriment to productivity in the business.

The intelligent solution supports end-to-end integrated monitoring across applications to manage and monitor the overall system, while efficiently identifying service errors and poor performance to provide active issue handling. Its real time technology enables it to efficiently view service errors and performance levels, providing a higher degree of control and supporting statistics analysis for products and applications.

With its innovative and sophisticated technology, we are really excited about the prospects of working with customers in the UK to provide this supportive and dependable tool which helps identify problems and errors in its tracks.

Key Features include:

  • Supports end-to-end integrated monitoring of various control target systems
  • One-click identification of linkage with cause of failure
  • Large-scale system monitoring and fast error handling with complex Top N Trend Analysis and Relative Trend Analysis
  • Functional system management foundation


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