TmaxSoft has launched a new version of its innovative database management system – Tibero.

Tibero 6 is a database designed, from its inception, to facilitate efficient and flexible integration of data and business logic, as well as providing various database management utilities. It meets these needs perfectly by supporting the database infrastructure, the foundation for corporate businesses, providing both high performance and reliability. Tibero enables economical use of system resources to provide excellent performance.

Tibero 6 is an innovative architecture that can integrate an existing database without modifying existing applications, thus offering maximum efficiency. It was developed to meet the demand for massive data processing, and designed for large scale operating environments by providing security, performance, scalability, as well as compatibility with other databases such as Oracle.

At a recent event with IBM, TmaxSoft also announced to its partners and resellers a partnership with IBM, one in which TmaxSoft Tibero 6 database will run on IBM’s Power8 hardware.

First developed in 2003, Tibero was designed to cater for large-scale enterprise environments. Through efficient resource utilisation, Tibero ensures optimal performance even when processing large data loads. Tibero active clustering technology can be highly scaled out to support increasing workloads and user numbers. By applying shared disk based clustering technology, it provides seamless and reliable services with various tools that enhance the productivity for new solutions development and system operations.


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