With cloud adoption at 84 per cent, Cloud services are now a critical part of a TmaxSoft’s IT strategy

TmaxSoft, Korea’s leading enterprise software company specializing in middleware, database and framework software solutions has launched Cloud versions of its Tibero database management system (DBMS) and JEUS Web Application Server (WAS) on Amazon Web Service (AWS).

We have designed Tibero to be a database designed from its inception, to facilitate efficient and flexible integration of data and business logic, as well as providing various database management utilities. It can meet these needs perfectly by supporting the database infrastructure, the foundation for corporate businesses, providing both high performance and reliability.

Cloud has moved from the edge of the IT estate to its centre so showcasing our DBMS and middleware on AWS allows customers worldwide to conveniently access our products and services. We plan on launching many products, partaking in various promotions, pursuing partner support programs and enhancing cloud services.

TmaxSoft selected SaaS via the AWS platform to respond to the rapidly expanding global cloud market. We will venture into the market by using a personalized cloud strategy. By promoting a “BYOL (Bring Your Own License)” campaign, we are encouraging existing customers to use their TmaxSoft products on the AWS cloud. If a potential customer does not own a TmaxSoft product, they can utilize the TmaxSoft AWS SaaS service to use a TmaxSoft product billed on an hourly basis.

According to the latest research from the UK based Cloud Industry Forum 78 per cent of organizations are using two or more Cloud-based services and half of all respondents expect to move their entire IT estate to Cloud at some point. The research also found that 70 per cent of those organizations already using Cloud expect their adoption to increase over the next 12 months.

CIF predicts that by early 2016, 86 per cent of UK-based organisations will formally use at least one Cloud service.

Becoming an Amazon partner allows for easier access to local partners for our subsidiaries. This will be an important step toward finding business opportunities and expanding into the cloud market.


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