Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. is the largest securities firm in Japan has implemented TmaxSoft’s OpenFrame to migrate its Bond Contract Processing System, one of its core systems, from a mainframe to an open system platform.

Two of the key factors in Nomura Securities’ decision were TmaxSoft’s excellent rehosting solution (which has been optimized via research and development in TmaxSoft’s Korean HQ), and the excellent support capabilities of Nissay Information Technology Co., Ltd, the system integrator (SI) for the project.

OpenFrame is a core software product developed for use with large enterprise systems and it operates on top of TmaxSoft’s market verified TP-Monitor, Tmax. Essentially, OpenFrame enables applications developed for use within mainframe machines to operate within UNIX platforms (open system platforms) without the need for redevelopment or modification of the original business logic. OpenFrame enables both online applications and batch applications from mainframe systems to be used as-is within open system platforms. Even existing JCL can be used without modification. OpenFrame also provides web servers, web application servers, mainframe-level security features, as well as facilitating data migration.

Before the actual migration was undertaken, the system was examined in its entirety and the applications to be migrated were selected.

OpenFrame’s tools were then used to automatically convert and migrate the target applications. Three months after the start of the project, unit testing was performed, and integration testing was performed soon afterwards. Finally, Nomura Securities’ Bond Contract Management System began successful operation on the new open system platform as scheduled, well before the expiration of the maintenance period for the peripheral devices of the previous mainframe platform.