We at TmaxSoft have launched a new campaign targeting Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) currently running applications on Oracle, in conjunction with IBM’s Premier Business Partner, Chilli IT, and distributor Arrow.

We’re targeting ISVs with our Oracle-compatible database Tibero, a Linux on Power platform, which can significantly increase profit margins for ISVs while still maintaining high technical standards for their applications.

Databases act as the backbone for ISV software applications and up until now, large software companies – which have been the bloodline for ISVs – have constrained ISV profitability and not provided the flexibility around pricing needed by the ISV community.

There is a general perception that only Oracle databases can cope with the amount of data ISVs need to run their solutions, especially mission-critical applications that are essential to the needs of end users. There are hundreds of ISVs in the UK with thousands of applications and so the market is significant. It is also a market that has the appetite to consider alternatives, especially when considering solutions based on Oracle.

Oracle feels it has a captive market within the ISV community driven by a licence model that is often deemed to be too complex, too inflexible, at a cost that erodes ISV margins and not reflective on how ISVs wish to do business. Whether ISVs are bound by strict prepayment programs are limited in their deployment strategy around virtualization or are unable to provide value to ISVs through a flexible SaaS model, TmaxSoft provides a credible solution to these through its Tibero platform. For some ISVs, Oracle’s strategy around its Standard Edition offering will be the last straw.

This campaign in conjunction with Arrow and IBM’s Premier Business Partner Chilli IT, will provide the testing facilities to quickly demonstrate to any ISV that there is a viable alternative out there and one that will make ISVs more price competitive, reduce the time it takes to get to market and improve their bottom line.