Songmin Andy Kim Vice President of its Global Division_Songmin Andy KimTmaxSoft has appointed Songmin Andy Kim Executive Vice President of its global division, in an effort to strengthen its global operations.

After graduating from MIT, Songmin Andy Kim worked at Intel Corporation for 17 years in product design, technical marketing, customer enabling, and new business initiative groups. He then served as Senior Vice President of Fusion Technology Research and Business Development Lab for SK Telecom (Korea’s largest mobile communications company).  He was also International Business Development Executive Consultant for Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Director of International Business Development for M2Communication (IoT component and solution provider), both in Taiwan.

TmaxSoft expects that Mr. Kim’s extensive global network and business acumen acquired from working in many areas of IT sectors over 20 years in US, Korea and Taiwan will cultivate improved synergy between Korean HQ and its 10 overseas subsidiaries, thereby accelerating its expansion into the global market.