TmaxSoft’s Tibero RDBMS licensing model has become the first software program globally to be verified by the Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) for being clear and easy to understand. Against a severe lack of transparency in licensing agreements across this industry, we’re delighted that our own model adheres to the CCL’s Code of Conduct.

This is an important confirmation for our business.  We now claim rightly that our licenses are straightforward and easy to understand, which can only be to the benefit of the market where users are so often confused and misled by unprofessional selling tactics, and uncompetitive or even unrealistic licensing terms.

As part of this process we have also committed to the CCL’s Audit Code of Conduct V1.0 and will also follow the spirit of the Code with respect to auditing our customers.

Gaining verification for our Licensing Model from the CCL is critical in our Go To Market strategy globally.  We support all forms of virtualization and so essentially customers’ only pay for what they use.

The CCL has applauded our licensing collateral, with the prices listed on a single page in a straightforward format. There are no hidden extras for customer to keep an eye out for, database options are at no additional cost and there is full recognition of any virtualized environment already in place.

This clearly positions Tibero as an easier to manage alternative to Oracle, a more cost effective alternative to Oracle, with an easier to understand licensing model than Oracle and will adhere to the code of conduct as derived by the CCL for audits… Just how refreshing is that for the end user!