It will come as a surprise to many Oracle customers who run their database on soft-partitioned virtualization such as VMware, that they could be in breach of Oracle’s licensing rules. What’s more, this could be a very expensive and career-limiting situation to remedy.

Now while nobody is suggesting that Oracle users – be they ISVs or end users themselves – are intentionally running in breach – it is not clear what Oracle’s contractual position is in reference to virtualized hardware.

But ignorance is no defence once Oracle decides to audit an organizations’ estate. The one sure result for non-Oracle Virtualization Machine (OVM) users such as VMware will be significant cost and disruption, and once the audit is complete they will be given 30 days to become compliant again.

To address the issue of license transparency we have launched our Tibero Proof Program, under which TmaxSoft will build you a proof-of-concept port of a representative portion of your application.

The Program is free of charge and afterwards there is no obligation to proceed.

TmaxSoft’s Tibero relational database management software was recently verified by the Campaign for Clear Licensing for being clear and easy to understand, the first software program in the world to be named so.

So if our claims of massively reduced ownership costs and drop-in compatibility with Oracle SE sound to good to be true then we urge ISVs and end users alike to try this Program. It will allow you to understand how your application would function when running on top of Tibero instead of Oracle.

Migrating to Tibero is completely Oracle-compatible, requiring no significant re-engineering of your applications. We’re offering you the opportunity to try this software out to show just how cost-effective and straight-forward Tibero is instead of Oracle’s equivalents.

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