GE Capital re-hosts mainframe with OpenFrame by TmaxSoft

GE_Capital_coverGE Capital, the financial services unit of the American conglomerate General Electric, provides a range of financial services for its customers.

The business’ Property Management System (PMS) suite of applications was originally built by GE Capital in 1987, out of necessity to serve its then current business. Over the decades, this small system grew in size and complexity to become the central nervous system of both GE Capital’s direct and indirect business units. However, using such a legacy system to support GE Capital’s whole business was incredibly risky – if PMS went down, the business went with it.

To tackle this project, GE Capital selected Modern Systems for the conversion work, TmaxSoft for their OpenFrame Linux-based replatforming solution, and MicroFocus for their COBOL Compiler. Modern Systems was responsible for the mainframe assessment, ADS/O conversion to COBOL, database design, and data migration.

To learn more about how OpenFrame benefited GE Capital, click here.

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