TmaxSoft UK will be sponsoring the UK ITAM Review Annual Conference 2016!

The event, which is focused on the the IT Asset Management (ITAM) sector, seeks to educate attendees on future proofing their ITAM departments and practices as well as how best to defend their organisations against software publisher audits. The conference will take place October 4th-5th, consisting of presentations and workshop sessions.

For us at TmaxSoft, the importance of ITAM in modern businesses has never been higher. According to the latest analyst statistics the likelihood of companies experiencing two or more software audits annually is as high as 68 per cent. This both shockingly high, and also indicative of the aggressive approach to auditing by the world’s largest technology providers including Oracle.

Of course, this adds to the growing burdens on the CIO’s shoulders. With departments needing to be more agile, iterative and collaborative then ever before to best meet customer requirements, there is mounting pressure on CIOs to provide strong leadership to optimise ITAM-related activities across the organisation. Without the right knowledge and skills to back this up, companies will be on the back foot against the aggressive tactics of global software vendors.

The UK ITAM Review Annual Conference is an important event in the calendar precisely for this reason, and we couldn’t be happier to be a sponsor. Those attending will be in a much stronger position to safeguard their businesses against software reviews and compliance issues with the major software suppliers.

Martin Thompson, Owner of ITAM Review and Chief Agitator at the Campaign for Clear Licensing commented: “We are delighted to have TmaxSoft as sponsor of the this conference. TmaxSoft’s relational database management software Tibero recently became the world’s first to be verified by the Campaign for Clear Licensing, due to its complete transparency and simplicity. It’s no secret that Oracle’s aggressive licensing tactics can be a source of considerable pain for its customers, so it’s refreshing to find a company that completely rejects these businesses strategies.

Martin concluded: “Now is an incredibly important time for the ITAM sector and for any business’ IT infrastructure. We’re very excited to deliver key training to enable companies to defend against software compliance issues at the upcoming conference.” 

To find out more, visit the official event page.