We are delighted to announce that we have signed NALBA as a non-exclusive Value Added Reseller covering Spain and Portugal. The agreement follows our announcement earlier in the year that we would be undertaking an aggressive channel expansion programme throughout EMEA.

NALBA is part of the international Nfoque Group, with offices in 17 countries employing over 500 consultants. It operates across a broad range of disciplines including IT consulting, Big Data and offers a range of proprietary solutions for the financial services sector.

Under the terms of its agreement, NALBA will act as a reseller of TmaxSoft Tibero, an enterprise relational database designed from its inception to facilitate efficient and flexible integration of data and business logic, as well as providing various database management utilities. NALBA will also integrate Tibero into its SzenaRisk platform, which in turn analyzes and measures financial risk.

The very nature of the financial services sector means that much of the data companies hold is hugely sensitive and high in volume. There has, up until now, been a perception that there is nothing else out there other than Oracle to support such data volumes. As such, IT departments have continued to hand over money, hoping that they do not find themselves in an ‘under licensed’ situation.

The opportunity for the channel to make good margins and keep customers happy is therefore restricted. We have proven in other markets that we are a viable competitor to Oracle, and we provide better pricing models and margins for our partners to drive incrementally higher revenue selling our products. It also differentiates them from competitors by giving them a product that can compete and is compatible with Oracle databases.

Benito Alvarez, Managing Partner, NALBA concluded: “TmaxSoft plans to accomplish its vision of becoming one of the world’s top software companies by demonstrating the competitiveness of its products as it expands globally, a vision that excited us as it mirrors our own aspirations. We are always looking for specialist partners to help us make an impact in the critical financial services market for us and TmaxSoft – and its database solution Tibero – will enable us to do just that.”