TmaxSoft partners with Insigma to help financial services and healthcare organizations modernize their mainframes

Partnership to focus on delivering OpenFrame rehosting technology to support legacy modernization and digital transformation
We are delighted to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Insigma Technology, a global strategic service provider. The agreement will allow Insigma to provide a migration solution based on OpenFrame, our mainframe applications rehosting platform.
Insigma Technology brings innovation and competitive differentiation to a large variety of organizations, from Fortune 500 enterprises to small companies. It offers IT and business process outsourcing (BPO) services to help organizations operate more profitably and effectively, and specializes in application development and systems integration.
Insigma’s extensive experience with legacy modernization and custom software development makes them ideal partners to bring the benefits of OpenFrame to a wider group of organizations. Their commitment to best-fit solutions which adjusts to individual customer requirements is very attractive to us, as it will enable Insigma to deploy OpenFrame in a seamless way, allowing customers to enjoy all the benefits of a modernized mainframe.
Moreover, like TmaxSoft, Insigma is committed to doing business transparently and puts avoiding hidden costs and cost creep at the core of what they do. Our partnership is therefore grounded in complementary approaches to customer service.
Hongfei Huang, CEO of Insigma US, Inc., notes that the partnership will allow the organization to bring transformative new services to its customers. “We have developed extensive industry expertise and specialized practice areas in a number of sectors, including financial services and healthcare. When looking at IT in these particular industries, we see a great reliance on legacy mainframes at the core of their businesses. These are industries where digital transformation has become key to continued success and growth, and where this legacy infrastructure is no longer adequate to support it.
“However, these are also both industries where speed is vital and where organizations can’t afford to expose their data. A complete rewrite of a legacy mainframe simply brings too many risks—and is too costly– for many of them. A rewrite may take years to implement and most cannot afford that level of business disruption. Rehosting is often the best option, bringing the flexibility and transparency of re-architecting at lower cost and risk. We believe that TmaxSoft’s OpenFrame is one of the best rehosting solutions on the market, and we look forward to collaborating with the TmaxSoft team to help our customers innovate better and faster.”

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