Oracle Forms & Reports Community now has a viable alternative to the status quo, driving down cost and rapidly improving time to market in software development

We have launched a new technical alliance targeting both Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and in-house software development teams dependent on costly proprietary Oracle Forms & Reports with Morphis Technologies, a global specialist in the migration or modernisation of legacy applications software written in a wide range of languages

Under the terms of the technical alliance the two companies will cooperate on a sales and marketing initiative, targeting existing ISVs and end users who are part of the Oracle Forms & Reports community looking for a viable solution to their existing dependence on Oracle.

The challenge confronting many ISVs in an era of Big Data, Cloud Computing, mobile and social technologies is how to bring new solutions to market in a timely fashion and, more importantly, in a cost-effective way. For many ISVs and end user IT departments, the dependency on legacy applications such as Oracle Forms is now becoming a major hindrance to agile development.

Here lies the challenge. Legacy software development systems are expensive to run, are often built on bespoke programs, and there is a growing shortage of skilled personnel to provide support. There is a very real need for businesses to modernise, become more agile and drive cost out of the development cycle – without sacrificing the core systems that have served the company for generations.

The Morphis modernisation process features a proprietary toolset that deals with multiple legacy languages and enables agile development, system discovery, and code assessment, governance, remediation and software modernisation to a Java or .NET environment.

Under the terms of the bi-lateral technical alliance users will be able migrate their legacy Oracle Forms & Reports based apps into Java or .NET development environments based on Tibero, TmaxSoft’s Oracle compatible RDMBS. This will enable them to deliver the same look and feel that they are used to, while at the same time removing their dependence on Oracle.

Colm Fox, UK Manager at Morphis Technologies, stated: “Our alliance with TmaxSoft will not only deliver cost savings to ISVs heavily dependent on legacy Oracle Forms & Reports development environments, but combined with our migration and modernisation processes we will make the data that resides within those legacy software languages accessible to a whole new generation. This technical alliance will ensure that ISVs and end user developers will not lose the business knowledge, their proprietary systems and their IP. We look forward to working closely with TmaxSoft,” he added.

The alliance also gives Tibero a viable interface to Oracle Forms & Reports. While this means in the short term that ISVs and in-house software developers can break free from their existing Oracle environment, saving both time and money, they can also make further substantial savings by migrating all their data to Tibero as a next step.

First developed in 2003, Tibero was designed for large-scale enterprise environments. Through efficient resource utilisation, Tibero ensures optimal performance even when processing large data loads. Tibero active-active clustering technology can be highly scaled out to support increasing workloads and user numbers. By applying shared disk based clustering technology, it provides seamless and reliable services with various tools that enhance the productivity for new solutions development and system operations.

Both parties have already conducted Proofs of Concept and demonstrations are now available.