We have launched the Center of Digital Data Excellence in collaboration with Kasetsart University in Thailand.

We will provide students with the next generation of database system training on-campus, with the aim of supporting the nation’s “Digital Economy” vision by cultivating IT talent in Thailand. According to a signed Memorandum of Understanding, We will provide academic software licensing, train-the-trainer (T3) training on its technology and joint certification program to Kasetsart University, valued at approximately US$2 million.

IT talent is the key to the Thai government’s pursuit of a digital society. We view this collaboration with Kasetsart University as a stepping-stone to build digital capabilities by establishing a world-class database infrastructure in Thailand. With our strong expertise in database systems, we are excited to leverage this centre to further cultivate an innovative community in Thailand.

Countries in Asia are aggressively looking at the smart nation agenda. This is one of our initiatives to support the development of smart cities in the Southeast Asia region by developing skilled digital workers. We believe that collaboration with the education sector and industry partners is a significant approach in helping the region to push towards a smart nation.

The joint certification program with Kasetsart University focused on enterprise database system management aims to provide up to 500 certification examinations a year to university staffs, students and alumni. Participants who pass the program will be awarded a Tibero Certificate for Administrators/Developers.

As the first of its kind in Thailand, the centre leverages the TmaxSoft TIBERO Database System to provide a superior learning and innovation platform for students to launch their own database system projects, with the ability to conduct testing under real environment. Aside from that, the Center aims to generate additional activities including Proof of Concept, Application Migration Testing, Software Contest, Hackathon and other developers’ communities networking in the future.

With the Thai government investing heavily in building digital communities, establishing digital parks for small and medium-sized enterprises, and creating innovative start-up networks, Thailand is rapidly transitioning into a “smart” nation. But to ensure success, the country must address a critical IT skills gap to sustain its digital economy, especially with a rapidly shifting business landscape typified by complex data management and analysis requirements.

“The digital revolution is taking Thailand by storm, and the education sector needs to follow suit by integrating digital technology into the entire learning process,” said Dr. Putchong Uthayopas, Acting Vice President for Information, Kasetsart University. “This Center helps equip our students for society’s digital transformation by providing first-hand experience in database infrastructure. We look forward to leveraging this Center to prepare our students for high-value jobs in a digital society.”

According to David Kim, TmaxSoft is planning to collaborate with other higher education institutions in each major Southeast Asia country and with industry partners to build digital capabilities on database systems in the upcoming year.

Aside from academics, the Center will also provide training and offer workshops for TmaxSoft customers and corporate partners to encourage engagement between IT vendors, university students and staff, as well as enterprise customers.