Dbvisit Replicate 2.9 now supports data transfer from Oracle to Tibero, TmaxSoft’s database product

TmaxSoft has entered into a technology partnership with Dbvisit, the Oracle software specialists, to enable organisations to easily move data from Oracle databases to Tibero, TmaxSoft’s RDBMS.

Dbvisit was born out of a gap in the market for Oracle database replication solutions that were affordable and that could be used seamlessly, with confidence that every contingency had been considered. Its Dbvisit Replicate product is specifically designed to provide data replication to organisations using Oracle databases. It is specifically designed to easily stream data from these databases to a number of different platforms including Tibero.

Dbvisit’s deep expertise in, and experience with, Oracle database technology makes them the perfect partner to help organisations who want to move from Oracle databases to Tibero with the least possible amount of disruption, downtime, or damage to data. Data has become the lifeblood of business over the past few years, and being able to easily access and analyse this data is now a key source of competitive differentiation. Organisations are always looking for more seamless ways to accomplish this, and we’re looking to provide them with an attractive route.

TmaxSoft has encountered occasional reticence about moving data from Oracle databases in the market, with some enterprises citing anxieties around the possible disturbance it could cause to their IT functioning. With this partnership, we’re leveraging Dbvisit’s capabilities to ensure that in these cases, streaming from Oracle to Tibero is easy and seamless. 

Tibero offers significant savings for Oracle companies through a licensing model that functions according to what the end user utilises. It also brings an innovative approach to the market by bridging the gap between legacy relational databases and the new paradigm of running workloads in virtualised data centres and the cloud, bringing flexibility to drive forward modern Big Data initiatives whilst rooting it in the stability of the traditional RDBMS.

Chris Lawless, VP Product Management at Dbvisit also commented on the new partnership: “TmaxSoft have brought several innovative products to the market, and Tibero offers a perfect solution for Oracle customers wishing to move their data to Tibero RDBMS for analysis, BI and beyond. We’re excited to be working with TmaxSoft to make it easier for Oracle customers looking to transport data to Tibero.”